Before I believe in God, I came from Muslim family, all members in my family are Muslims. they are quiet busy for their living. no more family time, always working hard to earn big money, life looks so empty, no happiness. I worked so hard, till one day i got sick and I could …

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Nobody liked Iat

Iat was an outcaste in her community. She never married, but had affairs. The first was with a Buddhist trucker and then with another Buddhist man, driving her further and further from the Muslim society. She had two children and no husband, a severe defiance of the Muslim faith. Nobody liked Iat. She first heard …

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Girls lined up to pray at the local mosque


Nasaa was a thin, dark woman with a poor relationship with her mother. Her hard life left her with a dark spirit and no light in her eyes. Her husband left her for another woman and she moved back in with her elderly mother. Many nights Nasaa would find a lonely place to sleep after …

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A young man kneeling in prayer at his local mosque


Prayer focus of the Day: Pray for those who are in the cities, that they will have more opportunities to hear the Gospel “I am a Muslim and so is my family. It would be very difficult for me to believe in Isa,” Saab said as I started to share with him about Isa (Jesus). Saab …

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Prayer Focus of the Day: Pray for power encounters and miracles to stir their heart to faith. I met Lan at the railway station when my car happened to break down because of the flood. He offered to find some of his friends to help, but it was almost midnight. So finally, he agreed to …

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