A young man kneeling in prayer at his local mosque


Prayer focus of the Day: Pray for those who are in the cities, that they will have more opportunities to hear the Gospel “I am a Muslim and so is my family. It would be very difficult for me to believe in Isa,” Saab said as I started to share with him about Isa (Jesus). Saab …

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Prayer Focus of the Day: Pray for power encounters and miracles to stir their heart to faith. I met Lan at the railway station when my car happened to break down because of the flood. He offered to find some of his friends to help, but it was almost midnight. So finally, he agreed to …

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Bible Translation

Prayer Focus of the Day: Pray for God’s wisdom and anointing on the people completing the Bible translations. Today the book of Luke will leave the hands of a believer and travel into a home that is closed to outside visitors. The powerful, redeeming Word of The Lord can go anywhere, and never sleeps. The Word can …

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Fear of the Locals

Prayer Focus of the Day: Pray for the Thai Buddhist background churches to have the burden for reaching the people group. A film project was underway to produce a people group profile. Naturally it called for shooting scenes in the Deep South to capture their daily way of living. None of the expat workers were …

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Prayer Focus of the Day: Pray for the Muslim background new believers, for protection, strength and courage. Our hearts are deeply troubled as we remember Hanna. She has been a believer for many years. But several months ago she was forced to marry a  Pattani Malay man and she has gone back to her old …

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