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Nasaa was a thin, dark woman with a poor relationship with her mother. Her hard life left her with a dark spirit and no light in her eyes. Her husband left her for another woman and she moved back in with her elderly mother. Many nights Nasaa would find a lonely place to sleep after fights with her mother. They lived in poverty, with little food, no gas for the stove, and no TV.

Sara, a friend and follower of Jesus, came to visit. One time, she bought beef curry (a popular local dish) and brought it to their house. She was shocked to hear that Nasaa had never had this kind of food before. Nasaa was overwhelmed; she ate until she was full and asked to keep the leftovers to give to her friends. It was a sobering thing to realize how much this simple dish meant to her, a food that most of us take for granted.

No one ever asked Nasaa if she wanted to become a follower of Jesus. She came to that decision entirely on her own; one day, out of the blue, she turned to Sara and asked “What do I need to do to become a follower of Isa?”

“What? Really?!” Sara was taken by surprise. They talked about it more, then prayed together.

When Sara hugged her, Nasaa said “I have never had anyone love me.”

“Isa loves you.” Sara replied.

God truly began to bless Nasaa after that. She found a good-paying job at a local supermarket, and was soon able to move into an apartment of her own, and afford utilities like cooking gas. Though she still has trouble with her mom, she has come to realize that God wants her to love and honor her family. She often brings her mother food and prays for her.

Pray that Nasaa stays strong in her faith, and that she would be able to continue to honor her family as she cares for them.

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    1. Darlene Earnhardt

      I will pray that Nasaa’s example will draw her mother to Jesus. What an encouraging story.

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