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University Students and Faculty

Prayer focus of the Day: Pray for the Christian students and faculty in the universities to be bold in sharing Christ with the Muslims

Nur is one of those students from whom you can really see the passion to learn English. She likes it so much she would go to great lengths just to be with foreigners. What makes her story unique though is not her success in learning but how she came to like English in the first place. In her own words, she would tell the story of how a missionary once came to her village when she was young and since then has been interested in learning the language.

Now in her university years, Nur has constantly been exposed to God’s workers. Her professor in the university whom she has gotten close with boldly shared the gospel to her. Even in her special classes, God still led her to more of His children who shared life with her.

Despite the tough challenges growing up as an orphan, she is on her way now to graduating and is now currently doing her on-the-job training in a major tourist spot in the country. The day before she left, we caught up with her and talked about the holiness of God and how no amount of good works can bridge the gap between us and God. We talked the sacrifice that our prophets in the Old testament has made, Christ has fulfilled for us. But, when we shared this to her, she
still re-iterated her beliefs that Isa did not die and even if He did His death is not what could save us.

  • Please pray for the Lord to draw Nur to Himself and finally open her heart to the gift of salvation.
  • Pray that all the Christian students and faculty to have the burden and be bold in sharing Christ to the Muslim.
  • Pray that  the University students will  have exposure to the Gospel.

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