Scripture Portions

Translated specifically for Thai Muslims

Mark / มาระโก

On this page, you can download Mark’s Gospel. It’s 16 chapters long, and most people take around an hour to read it. Mark wrote his Gospel probably around the 65 AD. It’s clear from the details he includes that his writing is based on eyewitness accounts. According to the earliest sources, Mark was writing down the eyewitness account of Peter, Jesus’ closest friend.

John / ยะหฺยา

This is John’s “Gospel”, or John’s telling of the life and teaching of Jesus. John wrote the Gospel sometime after 70 A.D. and the destruction of Jerusalem, but prior to his exile on the island of Patmos. He writes with simplicity in the original Greek language, which makes this Gospel a good book for new followers of Jesus.

We are followers of Jesus from all around the world who desire to see churches and disciples multiply in Thailand – especially among the oft-forgotten Muslim people groups.