A young man kneeling in prayer at his local mosque


Prayer focus of the Day: Pray for those who are in the cities, that they will have more opportunities to hear the Gospel

“I am a Muslim and so is my family. It would be very difficult for me to believe in Isa,” Saab said as I started to share with him about Isa (Jesus). Saab was a quiet and reserved student and we became quite close as we talked for a few minutes after each class. Eventually, Saab had to leave and look for work in the big city and we lost contact for many months. Then, one day he called up to tell me that he was back in the province and that he wanted to see me. With this meeting, I was able to share with him, in detail, about Isa (Jesus). He argued about why he could not follow Isa (Jesus) but he wanted to continue to talk.

Then last month, I gave him a copy of the Book of Luke, and the Book of Genesis. He called me on the phone and thanked me for the books, saying that he was reading them and that he wants to meet with me when he comes back soon for the Hari Raya (Musilm religious festival).

• Please pray that God will reveal himself, to all the Muslims in the city as they continue to fast this month.

• Please pray for opportunities for those in the city like Saab, to experience God’s presence.

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