Prayer Focus of the Day: Pray for power encounters and miracles to stir their heart to faith.

I met Lan at the railway station when my car happened to break down because of the flood. He offered to find some of his friends to help, but it was almost midnight. So finally, he agreed to take me home by his own car. It was less than 5 minutes before we reached my home, when we found Lan’s car ran into the flooding water, which was ascending from the river. I asked him to turn the car back, but he said it was too late. So he kept on driving until the flood water started to come inside the car; I was so scared that I began to cry out to Jesus. The car dragged on and on until finally we managed to reach at the junction of the road, which was slightly higher. He then stopped the car to let it dry up.

“I pressed hard but the car seemed to lose all its power, however I felt that someone was pushing the car from behind”, he said. “I knew you were praying though I don’t know exactly what you were praying. Maybe because I helped you, Allah heard your prayers and helped us. Maybe Allah has a special plan for us so that we can be friends.”, he continued.

That night he slept at my house, and he shared to me the story of his family. He has 11 brothers and sisters, however three of them were born deaf and dumb. They believe it was caused by the curse of a snake, which touched his mother’s tongue when she fell asleep with her mouth opened during her pregnancy. And he himself also has a hyperactive son who caused big trouble for the family.

The next day when we went to breakfast together, he felt so excited that he shared last night’s miracle with everybody in the coffee shop.

1. Pray that Christians in this area will show their qualities as salt and light so that the people will be attracted to them
and willing to make friends with them;

2. Pray that we will have the wisdom to share the real stories of Christ in their life;

4. Pray that the churches here can see their role as the light in this area and shine and be a blessing to the people

5. Pray that there will be a unity among churches to stand as one body of Christ to testify to the neighbors.



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