Phi Nah

Prayer Focus of the Day : Pray against drug addiction, alcoholism and immorality. Phi Nah is a good friend of ours in the village whom we’ve known her for almost three years. She has shared with us her life; her heartaches and disappointments. When her daughter died in the 2004 Tsunami, she became hopeless and …

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Prayer Focus of the Day: Pray for the youths and the students that they may have more opportunities to hear the Gospel. Rahim is a 4th year student in the University. During his first two years at the university, he had heard about God’s love for him. In the next years that followed, he heard …

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Ali and His Family

Prayer focus of the day:  Pray for families and households to have their hearts prepared for the Gospel. Ali is a 17 year old student who comes to our center to learn English. Her mom, Mrs. Yusuf, has been chauffeuring young children from her village to our center for our English program. Sometimes, she comes …

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The Dream

Prayer focus of the day: Pray for the people to have dreams and visions of Jesus as they start their fasting month. She found herself in the open field. There was nothing much special in this scenery but she felt peace in her heart, the kind of peace that she has never felt before. It …

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Photo my Roslan Tangah


At the age of 18, while in university, Nasimah and her friends explored questions like Why am I on this earth?, Does my life have meaning? , What happens after death? Despite the very positive aspects of Nasimah’s family life, school and sports, she still found emptiness in her soul. However she did not hear …

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