Prayer Focus of the Day: Pray for the youths and the students that they may have more opportunities to hear the Gospel.

Rahim is a 4th year student in the University. During his first two years at the university, he had heard about God’s love for him. In the next years that followed, he heard the same through various conversations with his Christian English teachers, as he is determined to learn and speak English well. He is quite diligent in his studies.

Early this year, he applied for a scholarship in the USA, he took the TOEFL exam but failed. But sometime last May, he was notified that he was one of Thai students to be given this scholarship. He thought that maybe it was because of the essay that he submitted, and that he is very lucky to have this opportunity. We told him that it is a real blessing.

He and his family as well as the whole university are very excited about this opportunity, although he is also very anxious about the whole trip. He had gone to the big city with his father for the interview, met with university officials and other recipients of this year’s scholarships, and was just waiting for his airplane tickets. The Officials told him that he is scheduled to enroll in one of the universities in the US this year. But the other day, I met him and was understandably downcast after he learned that he is not allowed to leave abroad due to some reasons. He had asked the help higher officials to help him resolve his case. I told him that I’m going to pray for him as he is now waiting for the result of these officials’ intervention.

Please pray that the Lord will use this challenge to draw Rahim closer to Himself. I had the chance to communicate with a few Christian friends in the US and a couple of them had expressed willingness to reach out to him. Please pray that as the Master opens this opportunity for Rahim, it will also be a chance for him to see and experience the truth that God truly answers prayers. Let us trust that the Master is using all these challenges for Rahim to come to know Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

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