Phi Nah

Prayer Focus of the Day : Pray against drug addiction, alcoholism and immorality.

Phi Nah is a good friend of ours in the village whom we’ve known her for almost three years. She has shared with us her life; her heartaches and disappointments. When her daughter died in the 2004 Tsunami, she became hopeless and depressed and wanted to end her life. Then a few years later, Phii Nah found out that her husband has another daughter from a mistress. Her husband took all their property and stayed with his mistress. Because of this, she has tremendous hate for her husband and she doesn’t want to forgive him. One day when we visited her, she told us that her husband will come and they will take us to their home. When her husband came she took the gun and told us that she was going to kill her husband. She planned to kill her husband many times but our God did not allow her to do it because of His great plan for Phi Nah’s life. We just told her that she must learn how to forgive.

One day, when we were teaching her about moral values we asked her questions like, ‘what is the purpose of your life here in this world? Why did God put you here in this village?’ She paused for awhile, thought deeply and smiled. She said, “I don’t know my purpose in life’. We told her about God’s greatest commandment which is to, “Love your God with all of your heart and love your neighbor as you love yourself.” When she heard this verse, her tears began to flow from her eyes. She then cried bitterly as if releasing all the heaviness in her heart. She finally released and forgiven her husband. From then on, we could see her life has changed. She has been looking forward to hear the lessons we are teaching her. Now, we could see her full of life as we started to share with her about our Savior. We thank the Lord for this precious soul.

  • Pray that God will continue to move in her heart.
  • Pray that she will truly encounter Jesus Christ personally.
  • Pray that God will use Phii Nah in her village as a woman of peace.

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