Children in the Village

Prayer Focus of the Day: Pray for hope and the Word of God to enter every household and community.

The Sun was burning hot at 11 o’clock in the morning but one by one they came. Their eyes glistened with excitement. The boys came running wearing the white ‘songkok’, while the girls chatted gaily as they came with their head coverings bringing their notebooks and books as they just came from their religious classes. Some of the kids were ‘well-dressed’ since they just came from their classes while the smaller ones were just wearing their scrubby clothes as they just came from home. Some of the smaller kids tagging along with their mothers. Every Saturday they regularly come to learn English in the village. Their joy was just contagious every time they sing songs, play games and learn. They sing songs like, ‘ ..Who put the hope in the hope, hope hope. Who put the love in the love, love, love. Who is this Man, I want to shake His hand ’cause He gave His life to me..” Oh, how we long for them to truly know the Man who gave His life to them. How we long that their joy will not just be from the joy of singing songs, learning English and having fun but they will have that real JOY knowing there is a God who loves them so much and gives them Eternal Life – IF they believe. How we long for that time to come when we won’t be just teaching them English but teach them the Way to the Father… These kids are just so precious in the eyes of God. * Please pray for these kids in this village that they will have countless opportunities to know the Way to the Father. Pray for them to have dreams and visions of Christ. * Pray that the lives and minds of these kids will be preserved and protected from the evil one. * Pray for us, that we may be sensitive to the Holy Spirit when to tell the story of God’s great love to the kids. * Pray that our relationship with the village leaders and parents will grow deeper. * Pray for spiritual breakthrough to take place in the village and that God will prepare every Christan worker when this breakthrough happens.

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