Violence among the Youth

Prayer Focus of the Day: Bind the spirit of violence among the young men.

We were told that half of the student population in this technological school where we were accepted as volunteer teachers are Muslims. In fact, the school itself is owned by a Muslim. Rejoicing at this opening, we were excited to attend the first school assembly on a Monday morning. To our surprise, we did not see any of the ladies wearing coverings on their heads. Instead, all of them wore skimpy skirts. We asked the teacher who told us a week before about this and she casually said that no one wear those head coverings, even there are also many female Muslim students in the school. No one could tell if a male student was a Muslim either, because there was no distinct indication. You will only get to know them if you would ask.

We were at our English corner during their vacant time when we noticed a commotion in the school gate. We learned that one of the students in the school got shot by a gang member from another school. “This is a normal happening here. I used to be scared about these shootings as well, but not anymore,” the teacher assured us.

Please pray…
1. That the God of peace will reign in the hearts of these young, lost lives. Muslims here in the big city are not that conservative and many of the younger people take pride in being a part of gangsters where they get involved in gang wars and violence.

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