Prayer Focus of the Day: Pray for the Muslim background new believers, for protection, strength and courage.

Our hearts are deeply troubled as we remember Hanna. She has been a believer for many years. But several months ago she was forced to marry a  Pattani Malay man and she has gone back to her old faith.

We remember seeing her zeal as she served with us for a couple of years. We saw her excitement for the lost  and in reaching out her own people. But, we don’t know how it happened and what really happened that she went back to where she was, after her marriage.

We can’t help but be sad and just cry out to God to once again move in her life. May she return to her first love and come running back  to God. Please do continue to Pray for Hana. It’s not too late. We believe that the same God who touched her and gave her dreams and visions will lead her back to His fold.


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