Fear of the Locals

Prayer Focus of the Day: Pray for the Thai Buddhist background churches to have the burden for reaching the people group.

A film project was underway to produce a people group profile. Naturally it called for shooting scenes in the Deep South to capture their daily way of living. None of the expat workers were available to assist the film team coming so help from the local church was sought for. Luckily one of the elders agreed to accompany the team around the city. Everything went well until the elder learned that they had to go to places where the Muslims frequent such as mosques, market places, Islamic schools, etc. He backed down out of fear of what might happen along the way.

This is a reflection of how fear, indifference and negative stereotypes hinder the local churches from spending time with their own Muslim neighbors, much less share the gospel to them.

• Please pray that His perfect love will cast out all fear and genuine obedience to go and make disciples will be evident in the local churches.

• May God raise up leaders in the churches who have the passion of seeing the people  come to faith through indigenous church movements in this land.

• May all the churches be united to pray and preach until this land bows down to the one true God.



* Image from Free images collection 

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