The Dream

Prayer focus of the day: Pray for the people to have dreams and visions of Jesus as they start their fasting month.

She found herself in the open field. There was nothing much special in this scenery but she felt peace in her heart, the kind of peace that she has never felt before. It seemed like she has been in this field before and somehow  she knew what was going to happen next. And then suddenly there appeared before her a bright light. She didn’t get startled when she saw the figure. It was a man wearing a white robe that seemed to shine. There was so much of joy and love that flooded in her heart when she saw the figure. She immediately knew that this was Jesus, appearing to her. And then she woke up.

This was exactly the same dream that Fa had when she was 15 years old. Why is this dream being repeated again?, she asked herself. Although she was not so sure of the answer but she knew that it has something to do with what the strangers shared to her a few days back.

It was her first year at the University. All her friends had to go somewhere so she was left eating alone at the cafeteria. Then a couple of teenagers approached her, they looked a bit like Thai Chinese and only when they spoke in English she recognized that they were foreigners. They told her that they were just in Thailand for a visit and wanted to invite her for a student activity. After a few minutes of chit chat, they then shared to her about Jesus. It was then she remembered her dream when she was 15 years old. Is this the same Jesus who appeared to her at that time? Is this the same Jesus that she believed as a prophet?

She had a lot of questions on her mind. But now as she saw Jesus in her dream for the second time, she has to find out more about him. She has to know the truth. The foreign students told her where to go if she wanted  to know more about Jesus. That was where she was going after her class in the afternoon finishes.

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