Before I believe in God, I came from Muslim family, all members in my family are Muslims. they are quiet busy for their living. no more family time, always working hard to earn big money, life looks so empty, no happiness. I worked so hard, till one day i got sick and I could not work anymore. then I have to quit my job. All of my savings was spent for my medication and household bills. It was for 2 years i had to in and out of the hospital. Later, my husband left me so I have to raise my child alone. My life was so tough at that time because I had no money and starving from time to time. I’ve come to God through the encouragement of my friend who is a christian. She told me that God is able to help in everything. I decided to attend the church at that night, it was Friday 2nd of November 2012. At the back of my mind I was asking myself, “What am I doing here”? and I feel like nothing seems to happen. I sat down and listen to the word of God till the end. A Pastor called out for God’s healing, while I was following his prayer of which I didn’t know the meaning, but he said just believe that God heals. In my mind I said, “If God is real please heal my back pain so I can work normally. If God can do this for me I will believe Him for the rest of my life.” It was 15 minutes later I felt God has touched my back and the pain was gone. I got healed and cured by God. I got recovered since then. As I believed in God for 2 years, my life has changed a lot by God’s grace and His love. after I got healed, I got a new job and got paid. Now I feel so peaceful. At church I have a lot of friends who are my brothers and sisters in Christ. They are very helpful and always encouraging each other. I like to say Thank you God that His love is with us all the time. I want to encourage others that whatever good things we want in life we can get it from God. in His time God will certainly answer our prayers. Let us be honest and keep loving Him with all our heart. God will help you like what He did in my life. He changes all in me even my old life and has transformed me to a good person. Thank you God for everything in my life. God always bless me richly. I’m blessed! Thank you. God bless you.

Please Pray for the whole family of P’Mai to know God as well.

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