Pray for New Believers

Nan and Tami are Muslim background sisters who have lived their whole lives in a community where everyone they know has always been Muslim. When Nan and Tami first became believers, they were rejected by many friends and family for this decision. They decided to join a local Thai fellowship to find loving community, but chose to continue living in the same location.  Through this church, they are being discipled and growing bin their faith. Recently, they have learned simple ways to start praying for their community and begin engaging with them in spiritual conversations. 

God has been moving in and through their prayers!

“As I’ve been walking and praying through the streets of my community, neighbors who used to avoid me now greet me when I see them!”

“Our neighbor’s husband is now secretly reading stories from the B* and wants to hear more!”

Please pray with us for Nan and Tami’s community! 

  • Pray that many of their M family members and neighbors will be open to hearing stories of Jesus, and begin reading them together as families. 
  • Pray especially for the family of the man who has been privately reading stories already.
  • Pray that the 20 believers who have attended this training will continue faithfully sowing broadly in communities around them. 
  • Pray that these 20 people will start meeting together in disciple-making teams to continue doing this ministry together.

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