Prayer Focus of the Day: Pray for the Muslim background new believers, for protection, strength and courage. Our hearts are deeply troubled as we remember Hanna. She has been a believer for many years. But several months ago she was forced to marry a  Pattani Malay man and she has gone back to her old …

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Phi Nah

Prayer Focus of the Day : Pray against drug addiction, alcoholism and immorality. Phi Nah is a good friend of ours in the village whom we’ve known her for almost three years. She has shared with us her life; her heartaches and disappointments. When her daughter died in the 2004 Tsunami, she became hopeless and …

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Prayer Focus of the Day: Pray for the youths and the students that they may have more opportunities to hear the Gospel. Rahim is a 4th year student in the University. During his first two years at the university, he had heard about God’s love for him. In the next years that followed, he heard …

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